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From the looks of it, the first unit listed is a newer, updated model of the second one. The LCD display is one of the updates. You can see the available since dates show the Eurolite LED Bar 2 is about 2.5 years newer than the Eurolite LED Bar. The third one listed is a different brand. Yes it will accomplish about the same thing but it's features and build quality are probably different. Since none of the descriptions go into enough detail about the DMX profile of the fixtures, it's hard to say what the feature differences are, but the first unit has multiple DMX modes (up to 19 channels), the second unit has 12 DMX channels, and the third has 11 DMX channels. I would try to find a user manual for each to distinguish what the feature set for each unit is in order to decide what is right for you.

@Tim & techieman: Wow, thanks a lot. This really helps. We are actually are trying to just get some simple strobe and color washes as uplighting from the monitors, so we don't need so much DMX complexity. But the amber DOES seem to make a big difference for the strobe effect. So this is leaning towards the first model.
In fact, the band needs to trigger the lights with a simple foot pedal. I wonder if this would work? I'm very new to DMX lighting, so thanks for your help.
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