Hello everyone I am here to ask anyone who has had an experience upgrading their House Lighting from Unison/Lutron systems using fluorescent tubes into an LED based house lighting. There is a potential upgrade for next year and I want to know more about the various systems there are nowadays. I missed LDI this year but I know there's so much more to learn as new stuff comes out. The idea is to turn an entire Ballroom from having the boring white fluorescent that only light the edges of the upper walls to having an entire up/down accent lighting that can achieve color chases when called upon. The venue is shared with various clients/staff and the control needs to have both options of lighting desk and preset wall panel. The installation job must be huge yes plus all the costs it will eat up just in the planning/specs/labor/parts etc.... If anyone has had this done in their venue please share your experiences and I'd like to hear your opinions on the which products you think are affordable and reliable 'as in good quality'.


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