Led RGB par can conversion


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A luxeon conversion kit? That's awesome!!

I might have to look in to getting one of those to try out.

Thanks for the link, sharyn!


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A freind of mine just applied for a patent on a design for LED Pars that run off a power supply similar to those used with color scrollers. You can have 80 par cans on one power supply, with full RGB mixing, all powered off a single 4 pin cable. He has a prototype with 4 pars which are bright, not as bright as a 1000w par 64, but at least as bright as the 500 watters.


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The issue with this is that the price of full finished led pars is now approaching this price point. I think this company is looking at a higher output led offering,
and I have also heard of someone who was looking at an idea to eliminate the ac power/transformer and simply run them all off
a 24 volt power supply, which makes for an interesting concept.

That link is broken.. Is there another direct link?


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Probably not - that was a 2007 conversation. LED technology has improved radically since then. What are you looking for?

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