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LED Strip Light / DMX Setup Questions

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by stagebuilder, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. stagebuilder

    stagebuilder Member

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    San Francisco, CA
    Hello All,
    Hoping there is a DMX helper out there. I have 6 Pixelstorm 240's I'm setting up for a cyc wash. The DMX is being sent over a pair of Show Baby 8s. My questions are these:
    1) The manual says to power the units off of a switched circuit, not a dimmer or rheostat. I presume I need to plug these into a wall outlet? I don't have any non-dim dedicated circuits.
    2) Do the LED Strips dim thru DMX addressing as opposed to power? Is that why the power should be constant?
    3) For a the DMX address for each unit, if all I want is a wall wash, is it fine to address each unit the same so they all act in tandem, or am I over simplifying this?
    4) There are several DMX Channel Modes available, I was going to just run the simple 3-Channel Mode for Red, Green, and Blue control. Again, I don't need any special effects, just the cyc wash colors.

    I"m going to play with the other Modes when I have time, and not 5 days before opening!

    Thanks for your help in advance!

  2. jcslighting

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    1. Yes just plug them into the wall or a normal outlet.
    2. Yes most Leds use DMX dimming internally vs. conventional fixtures that use a dimmer in fact you can damage most Leds if you plug them into a dimmer vs constant power.
    3. It is fine to address them all the same and they will use fewer channels that way. It basically is the same as a twofer in a conventional dimming setup
    4. Simple RGB mode is fine if that works for you. Some Led strips have internal chase programs built in along with other goodies also there may be an 8bit and 16bit option. The 16bit generally will give you a finer control over each attribute versus the 8bit.

    Hope this helps!
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  3. RickR

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    Added thought on the modes. If your console can handle it go for a detailed mode. It's far easier to ignore some commands until you need them. Rather than re-program the whole show when you suddenly need that extra thing (strobe, smoothing, whatever.)

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