LED technology expanding


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Just introduced, the Chauvet Minspot.


Not very bright but certainly a step in the right direction.

# 5 or 13-channel DMX-512 LED moving yoke
# Pan: 540° / tilt: 270°
# RGB color mixing
# Gobo wheel
9 gobos + open
Gobo wheel spin effect
# Variable electronic strobe
# Variable electronic dimmer (0 – 100%)
# Vector speed channel for pan/tilt, RGB color mixing and color macros
# Built-in movement macros via master/slave or DMX
# Built-in automated programs via master/slave (fast and slow)
# Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave
# User-selectable basic or advanced operating modes
# User-selectable pan/tilt ranges
Pan: 540°, 360°, 180°
Tilt: 270°, 180°, 90°
# Compact and lightweight
# LED display with on, off, auto settings
# Reset to factory settings option
# Pan/tilt invert option
# Fan cooled
# Beam angle: 13°
# Footcandles : 100
# Lux : 1,076
# Light Source: 1 (14 watt RGB) LED 50,000hrs
# Current draw: (peak 68W @ 120V) (inrush 84W @ 120V)
# Power: Switchable 110V/230V 50/60Hz
# Weight: 8.3lbs (3.8kgs)
# Size: 6.8in x 6.8in x 9.8in
173mm x 173mm x 249mm
# 2-year limited warranty


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Someone beat you to a new Chauvet product!
Anyway, I think that this thing is a huge step in the right direction. Chauvet has really been pushing the baundaries of what LED's can do for entertainment lighting, first with their LED pars, then with such fixtures as the Colorado3 and now the Colorado1, and also the Vue I, II, and III DJ lights, and then with the Elan DJ effect light, and now this! Gobo projection via LED's! As well as it's complementary wash fixture. Oh, and don't forget that Chauvet also has an LED wall and an LED moving head. Yes, I am very bored, and yes, I did just link over half of Chauvet's LED catalog using embedded urls.

David Ashton

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It gives an output of 100 ft candles or 1100 lux, which is the same thing but if you don't specify at what distance surely this is meaningless or am I over-tired?Lumens is the total output and lux is the intensity at a given point.
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This could, however, due to it's size, be great for tucking away as a set mount fixture. I am actually working on a show now where something like this, which doesn't have to be terribly bright, could be mounted on some archways to light under a roof in the set. It would give a lot more flexibility than just stickups, though it would mean a lot more DMX runs for me... But it isn't in my budget to do that.

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