Lee Filters' swatchbook??


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Well, I have a Rosco Swatchbook, that was extremely easy to get! I was very happy with them. I would also like to get a Lee filters' swatchbook, but I cannot get them to send me one! On their website, they have a form to request "literature" wich is sorta like a catalog. I requested that, and got a catalog and some ads for their stuff, but no swatchbook. So, I email them, and ask how I can get the swatchbook they market as "free" and say to contact them to get. They do not reply. I search on the website more, then a few weeks later, ,email again, asking for info on the swatchbooks. Several days later, they STILL won't reply to my emails! Have any of you ever ogtten a swatchbook from Lee? how do you get one?

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