legend 250r shutting down

Hey fellas need your help !
I have a chauvet legend 250 that is shutting the lamp down after a hour of use after it cools it refires and works . I am assuming it may be a thermal switch but not quite sure any idea guys ?


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The first thing that comes to mind is,
Are the fans working?
If it restarts after an hour then the thermo switch seems to be doing its job.
Is the lamp optimized properly?
A misaligned lamp will generate more heat.
Are there filters on that fixture? Are they clean?
Can you recreate the issue on the bench, if that’s an option of cause?


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1) Check airflow - See above post, you want real good flow.
2) Optics - Dirty reflector, dirty lenses, misaligned lamp. (Light & heat need to exit the fixture.)
3) Bad thermal switch. Does happen. What you are describing is the thermal switch cycling. The question is if it is cycling at the wrong temp.

How long does the fixture stay shuttered? A High $$ fixture could stay shuttered all the time and still operate fine. (Any fixture should.) But, compromises are made to bring the cost down. If you have extended periods of shutter (like between shows), you may want to "lamp off" during those.

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