Lehigh Slim Dim Wireless Transmitter


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So a small performance space retro fit in one of our college buildings was installed with the Lehigh SlimDims. But any sort of control was either budgeted out or just forgotten about. The SlimDim's are equipped with Wireless Receivers for wireless DMX but i'm having a difficult time tracking down what protocol the wireless receivers is using, or where to find a Leigh proprietary transmitter if one it exists. I have a call out to Lehigh at the moment, but it sounds like the install might not have been put through to them, like plans get submitted to ETC for their systems. Still waiting to hear back from Lehigh.

What are the chances that I could use my spare ShowBabyDMX to transmit to them?


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Hi Nick.

Specifications are vague, but there are a couple of docs that say, "W-DIM Wireless DMX." That's Wireless Solutions' protocol. Find out more at wirelessdmx.com, including a list of all the brands that partner with them and provide compatible products.

CT's ShowBaby stuff is SHoW DMX, not W-DMX, so it won't be compatible.



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Thanks for you input, after hearing back via Voicemail from Lehigh, A wireless transmitter of some sort should have been part of the install and left in the control room. But who know where it is right now?! :)


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It was part of the initial install. Was apparently found the dumpster as part of the final building clean up. Was rescued. Put somewhere in dark corner. Found. Delivered back to us.

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