Lehigh Slimdim SD2 Wireless Link troubleshooting


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So from a previous thread, we have a small studio lighting system consisting of 10 SlimDIM SD2's a little DSQ 12 LX-console, and a wireless transmitter. All of the SD2's have wireless receiver antennas mounted in the DMX IN port

All of the Wireless/Link indicators are flashing on the SD2's. (exception. I fiddled with 2 of them and the little button that looks like a reset/pair button, but is unlabeled, and those two Slim Dims the Wireles/link light is off. and nothing I do seems to turn it on again or get it to flash. including killing breaker power to the whole SD2.)

The SD2 work but are not recieveing any control signal. This was trouble shot by turning the dimmer mode to "ON/FULL" when control signal is lost. Sure enough the lights turned on.

The wireless transmitter (H4200) for which i have not found any manual or paperwork on has a small indicator that is steady on when DMX is plugged in from the console. It flashes with the DMX input for it is removed. It also has a "link" button that when held makes the indicator light flash but haven't noticed any other change.

The H4200 has a "DMX termination" Dip-switch on it which is currently set to the Off Position

the SD2 DMX termination switches are set to Off as well (I think, their is no indication which direction of the dip switch is ON.) Either way from reviewing the manual, all the SD2's are wireless so there is no "last SD2 in the dmx chain, and there is nothing tagged into the DMX out of any of the SD2's that the DMX termination would effect.

I've tried some variations of holding the Link switch on the SD2 and pressing the link switch on the H4200 to no available (in attempt to pair them?) Those two SD2's now have no wireless link lights as indicated above.

There is a Larger "LINK" just above the LCD display that I think would indicated recieving DMX that has off.

The system was installed 8 months ago but because of the misplaced console and transmitter, and at the time no lighting fixtures, hasn't yet been tested or used. We are hoping to be able to have some basic control of 2 fresnels, and 4 Leko 6x12 by Wednesday. We have a call out to the AV installer but i'm crossing my fingers for a quicker problem solve from the glorious Control Booth hive mind.

Thank you in advance for you input.


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Now that the transmitter has been recovered, I would try to call Dave Reppert or Mike Ferguson directly at Lehigh at (610) 395-3386 during normal business hours while you have a console and the wireless transmitter in front of you. They've been very helpful to me in the past about issues with one of their older consoles. Good people. Unfortunately, you're not going to find too many people on ControlBooth intimately familiar with Lehigh equipment.

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