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Do you like etc costomer service?

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I am the master electrician for an outdoor ampatheater in kentucky...we have recently had troubles with our microvision fx (i officially hate etc customer service) and i have rented a leprechaun 12 for a concert...the concert is an orchestra so i dont need any special effects...i just want to know how this is set up with my system...first ill tell you my specs..i have an analogue 7k dimmer system hooked up to an etc 96 out response unit from there i have a dmx-512 cord to my board...is the lep-12 system use dmx 512? i guess this is my main question...and also does the lep-12 use the 96-out response unit to control the dimmers?..any input would be greatly appreciated!
Well, ETC has a great tech service, its weird you're not getting a good one. Let me know what your problem is and I'll try and get you in contact with the right person.
As for the Leprecon console, it probably is DMX512. The outresponse unit sounds like a DMX-Analog converter, so you'll probably need it to run those dimmers. Basically take your ETC out, and put the Leprecon in, it should work fine.
Let us know if you have any more questions.
thanks...the problem with my system was in the 96 out response unit..which i suspected but ETC would not talk to me about it...i got the problem fixed now...thanks for the input i really appreciate it!!

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