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Leprecon 624

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by falcon, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. falcon

    falcon Active Member

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    I was reading posts about computers controlling lighting boards and it got me think can my lighting board be controlled by a computer? I have a Leprecon 624. I don't think it can be even hooked up to a computer. I am just curious about it. If for some reason I can, what software does it run with and what do I need to hook it up?
  2. avkid

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    Howell, NJ
  3. zac850

    zac850 Well-Known Member

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    New York
    Are you talking about computer lighting boards, like the ETC Express line? This is not a normal computer controlling a manual light board (such as yours) but the light board is a computer running a program. There is a keypad to choose what channel and what level, and the ability to record cues, chases, and a million other things.

    There are some systems that you can load onto a computer and have the laptop output a DMX signal. I know Rosco makes (made?) a system like this (among others), and you attach an adaptor to the USB port and plug in your DMX cable.

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