Leveling a Ramp?

The issue that I am having today deals with leveling a ramp on our stage to set band members upon it. The show that we are doing is Footloose and we are having the band out on the stage the whole time so the director would like me to level the ramps on either side of the stage. The problem that I am facing, is that the ramps are made of a very nice finished hardwood that i cannot drill or do anything to, so I am having problems of thinking how iI am going to support this platform that is roughly 6' x 16' and needs to support tw piano's and various other equipment for the band that weighs quite a bit. Any ideas.

If you click on this link you can go onto our virtual reality tour and get a little bit of a view of what I am up to.

also these pictures are a little bit old in the shop, but you get the general idea
I was having trouble finding the ramps.

But the answer maybe having the outer most legs of the platform rest on solid ground and then cuting custom legs to match the angle of the ramp at different heights along the slope. Put fabric or my favorite, thick kitchen sponges, under the legs that touch the ramp. The mass of the large platform will compress the sponges, but provide a uniform covering protecting the finished surface. Don't attach the sponges with a staple or any other fastner. Let gravity and mass do the job,

With the mass of the people and equipment I would but a 2x4 cross-brace every 2' on center. I really hate to see deflection in the decking. A little pet pev of mine.

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