light keys

What do you mean, you have switches using keys instead of toggles and you want some keys for them?

For me first I would check the brand and if possible model number of the switch. Possibly Leviton but there are other brands. Model number so it given a standardized key will have the same design to it. This is all given it's a standardized key and not one keyed to the individual lot of switches.

Next with that information I would go to a electrical supply shop and get the key necessary. That is unless you are a student, in which case the answer will probably be no unless you present the origional master key for copying or some certification you are not a student trying to get a key you should not have access to. Sorry. First thoughts since I have not done much with such switches since school.
You can usually make your own out of a paperclip unbent and then folded in half. As for buying them an electrical supply house or ebay would be my suggestions.
Yup, thats what im talking about too. A multi-tool will work. take a little practice to get it in the grove but it gets the job done.
avkid said:
i am talking about flat ones with no specfic teeth, made out of stamped sheet metal

There is a new model, or at least since the remodel at the high school they have changed the former straight slot light keys to this funky shaped bent key system. You need this piece of flat steel in otder to turn on the lights or a paper clip bent to the proper angle. But I pity the fool that breaks a paper clip in the slot. The maintenance guys will probably hurt someone.
I've got one of those keys on my lanyard. For some reason it'll only work with some of the lightswitches in the school; even though the key appears to look the same, the prongs on it are a bit longer/narrower.

I think I should ask the custodial staff for a new key :roll: Just haven't gotten around to it. think, strike is next Thursday :)

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