Light Wright 4.0.3


John McKernon Software, the makers of Light wright have announced a new upgrade for registared users. He is calling this upgrade a manditory upgrade as it fixes many of the softwares bugs.

visit for the download.

Admin Note: For those who don't know, Light Wright is a program that manages all the lighting design paperwork. The individual license is $450, but the student price is $135.
Nephilim said:
Yeah but student license expires in 3 years :( I'm cheap/poor. So is my school.

Download the evaluation version and see how it works for you. The student version is a great deal. I ran that for the three years and then upgraded and have never looked back.
I am playing with the eval on OS X. If it isn't time-limited... I have way less than 75 fixtures. I know that's not very nice talk, but even $135 is a lot for me.

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