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I need to make a portfolio for our maryland state theatre festival and a kid who graduated 3 years ago who now goes to carnegie mellon used this program called Lightwright 4 to help him with his. I have dowloaded the free demo version of this program and I'm wondering if it is a good program to use for organizing your lighting paperwork. I know it doesnt actually make a light plot but I thought it might be usefull. Have any of you guys used this program or know of it?
I think its an awesome program, they've though of everything IMO. takes a little time to learn to navigate but the demo video will def. get you started.
LW is the industry standard for paper work.
ive used it, and like it, but i use WYSIWYG so that does my paper work anyway.
i make my channel lists in excel but im only dealing under 100 channels. wyswyg exports all the info to lightwright which can be very helpfully when you have many fixtures and such.
If you're going to pursue a career in lighting design, or even continue to do it on a semi-serious level you'll definately want to get a full version of LightWright eventually. It handles all your paperwork needs very well, channel lists, dimmer lists, instrument schedules, work notes, you cane ven set it up to tell you if a dimmer is overloaded. You can export into and out of it seamlessly from vectoworks (another program you will definately want to get your hands on eventually). so yeah, lightwright, get it if you can.

its definatly the program to get.... it does framed color, inst counts, you can have it work inside your current stock, it sorts to different layouts seamlessly, can manage multiple universese.... yes wyg does all this as well but lightwright cost 400 (130 student) compared to a few thousand for wyg perform.... download the demo and do a small show with it and you will never go back.... lightwright knows what you are doing with the data you are putting in, and therefore knows how you want that data orginized, excel on the other hand thinks that you are doing simple number calculations.... the time saved with lightwright will definatly pay for itself....
I downloaded the demo and put my light plot into it. I have to say I have feel in love with this program it does everything I wanted it to and more. Before we do our spring musical I will have to buy the full version. Thanks for the advice guys.

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