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Does anyone know anything about a "CONTROL EDI, TROUBADOUR II" lighting board? I am reading the tech specs of the theatre our drama festival is at this friday and I want to know what type of equipment I will be using. I have searched for the lighitng board on google but never came up with anything but the theatre's website. Any info about the board or pictures would be a great help. I would personnaly prefer pictures if you can so I know what I am working with.
i've been to, nothing, i've searched google, nothihng. it's like this lighting board doesn't exist at all. I can't even find and reference to it besides the theatre specs for the theatre. I guess i would just have to find out what it is when i get there for our extremely short half hour tech rehearsal on wednesday
im pretty sure last time i was on that site searching for info for a friends light board i saw that name, just cant remember under what....
The closest I can get is a couple of harps by a simalar name and a court case where some people colleceted money from people in Hawaii that was some how illegal (not sure how TROUBADOUR II fits in, but it's in bold all over the court documents lol)

Sorry I wasnt able to find more :-(
For any of you who were wondering what a Troubadour II lighting board is, I got to use it today. It is an old board about 18 years old, I guess. It is the orginal board for the theatre we are having our festival at.

Its a 2 scence, 48 channel board with 10 submasters. 120 recordable cues with a svga monitor. It is about 2.5' square I guess. It is built right into the table.

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to program anything for my shows so I have to run it manually using 2 sliders to run the crossfade. It is horrible. Plus, I now need to find a second techie for the job.
Could you get a picture? I am intrested to see what it looked like.
i'm going to try to get our drama teacher's camera for friday and take pictures of everything that i want to do in our theatre. This includes the small details such as the way they have weights on the bottom of the ropes on the travellers. i wish we hade those, would make it easier on us for productions. I'll try to get pictures of the booth, but i don't know how to post pics here.
Does the light board have a symbol on it that resembles a horizontal oval divided vertically in half and a horizontal line through the left section? Sorry its hard to follow, but it's EDI's symbol. Supposed to resemble 'ED' combined. If so, it probably was made by EDI, and since its so old, it probably only exists in the history books.
i got a picture of the lighting board, unfortunately right now its on my stage manager's camera. When she downloads the pics i will take it and post if if someone tells me how to post pics on here. Hopefully this will be monday when i see her again

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