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I'm a college student who is new to the technical side of theater (long time actor) and I was just thrown into being the lighting designer for a bunch of student directed shows at school. I'm really excited about it, but designing lights in the past proved alot of trial and error with lighting levels and colors. Does anyone have any good lighting theory books that they can recomend?


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J. Michael Gillette's "Designing With Light."

Good basic book.


My favoriate on the artistic issues of design is another out of print book: "The Lighting Art: The Aesthetics of Stage Lighting Design" by Richard H. Palmer, (C) 1985, ISBN 0-13-536566-X.


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Light on the Subject. by David Hays.


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And don't forget....

....a lot of times trial and error isn't bad. It lets you find for yourself what works, what you like and what is a total train wreck (sometimes all three).

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