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hi, im after a simple little lighting desk that works purely off DMX,
im not fussed about it having many faders for setting scenes, but i would like a scroll wheel. also when the show is running it would be useful if the go function of calling the memories was a couple of faders rather than a go button and a speed fader (as in zero88's frog series). I would hook it up to a monitor so that obviously is a requirement.

just wondering if any of you guys have come accross something worth buying like that


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Strand Palette series is questionable, as a result of Strand getting purchased by Genlyte (owner of Vari*Lite and ET). What information is out there indicates the Palette series was a Strand UK product, with the UK employees - the Palette development team, not part of the purchase, though the Strand website public announcement indicates Palette was potentially part o f the deal.

Palette essentially is a competing product with the ET Marquee console line, though there's a thread on the LightNetwork under Strand Malette with a rumour that the Marquee has run the Palette OS.

Other consoles to consider:

- ETC Express
- Leprecon 1600 series
- Colortran/NSI


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