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In about a week we have a show on friday called "Open Mic Night" and I'm looking for some cool lighting effects that could be done. We already have some cool ones for most of the lights but nothing really interesting for the house lights. We have seven rows of house lights and a bunch of lights that are on the walls nexto the seats (2 on each side). So I'm looking for any ideas anyone has that might make for a good way to flash them so they arn't just going up in order or down in order or ways to fade them or something like that. I just want to have a cooler way to turn the house lights on than have them all come on at once or fade at once or something like that.
Write a chase that will bring them on separately, perhaps? You could have them fade on, or come on instantaneously, depending on what looks better. That's also assuming that your house lights are all in dimmers, unlike ours (well, actually, they are, but their universe dosen't go to the board).

You could also have one that randomly flashed the house lights. That's sort of the cheap version of what they do at rock concerts with blinders.
All our house lights arn't exactly on dimmers but they can be dimmed. We do have one now that goes from the from to the back and flashes one and then turns it off and flashes the next one but I've seen that one used for the past 4 years since our senior tech lighting person became a frosh and wrote it so I want to make some new ones. I'm thinking of doing some type of fade if possible but its very complicated cuase with our system I would have to do it all with cues and a macro and delays and fades and such...


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