Lighting for Footloose the Musical


At our school we are about to get started on our anual production. This year we are doing Footloose. I need some help on any ideas anyone might have on lighting, my brain is not working very well this week. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Thanks :?
I forgot to say we are hiring 8 Technobeams and a Jands Event 408.
(I said my brain was not working very well)
Thanks Again :oops:
nothing spectacular, but heres how my school did the somebodys eyes song

the three singers stood off to the side in front of the precscinium (sp), and the mid traveler was closed. actors shrouded in black held pieces of wood with eyes painted in vivid white with other vivid colors on them, and blacklights were turned on over the stage. the actors would flip the boards over and dance around, and the effect was amazingly cool, basically like eyes floating in mid air, appearing and disappearing. then during the small vinets, actors would come way downstage and get their own little spot, and the narrators and eyes would fade out.

we also made a very cool flashback video for the "i confess" song and projected it on the scrim, because we thought the scene was incredibly boring otherwise, with just the reverend singing. i'll get around to posting that on my website someday.
We made a stained glass window out of tissue paper and lighting it from the front a little bit and from behind more while it was hanging up.
I did this show 4 times in a year, anything from 8 movers to 24, and various different theatres and schools.
What do you want to know?
Its a tacky show, but its awesome for lighting scenes, there's toooons of diversity, I had a blast in all of them

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