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Ok, so.... we might be able to rent some decent equipement this fall.... the only thing is none of us have a clue what we are doing when it comes to renting... So.... below is a list of things I think we are going to need... and my question is "how much?". Thanks for your help!

18 5-degree Leko's
50' runs of multicable to go from the lights to the dimmers
A board capable of handeling 150 channels
150' of DMX and
5' of AMX

I also need a way to split a DMX cable so I can run it to two places, and I also need a way to convert a DMX siginal into a AMX siginal.
(Luckily we will be able to barrow dimmers and more lights from the community theatre.)

Now for the sound!-
300' snake
2 overhead mics
6 lapel mics
A rack w/
CD Playback
Casset Deck
Feedback Ellimnator
Wireless Headsets (6)

I also am looking to rent speakers and the nessary amps... it would be about a 200-300' run from the mixing area to the speakers...
(No I didn't forget the board.... we are barrowing one from the community theatre.)

If you could keep the light and sound cost seperate that wold be great!
Thanks Alot for your help![/list]
Just contact a rental company for a quote. They can probably give you an itemized quote too.

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