LIghting Service Question


I am working on fixing some source 4 ellipsodials and I need to order the part but I am not sure what it is called.

The piece is in the cord going from the fixture to the plug in, it is the white cord with the silver end on it, that goes into the ceramic piece.

Can anyone tell me what this is called?
And know of any good websites to order parts from



CB Mods
It sounds like you need to replace the ceramic lamp base. These are sold complete with wiring attached, any theatre supply place should have them, just ask for a Source 4 Lamp base. These run about $15-ish.

To install, you will need to open up the lamp cap, remove the retaining "spring" that hold the porcelain base in place, unscrew the strain relief and remove the base and wiring. Then Feed the new wiring through the fiberglass cable sheath, put the new lamp base in place and put the spring around it. Close up the lamp cap and re attach your connector.

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