Lighting Shapes Wanted!


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This has somewhat to do with the other thread that I have before this but I wanted to creat a new one and keep it simply to a very specific topic. I'm looking at making a new Visio stencil that can be used to do tech and lighting design. I so far have alot of lights in it but I would like to have more. So if anyone has some already existic, or knows how to use visio and would like to creat some new shapes and then send them along to me please please please do. I'm looking for any type of shape whether its specific type of light like a 26 degree source four or just in general a source four I can use anything. They don't have to be designed in visio, any shape designed in excel should also work as well so this is open basically to anyone who has excel or visio to work with, I can give it out to whoever wants it when I'm done, and with some extra time I can probably re-put all the shapes back into excel and give them out that way as well. So please if you have any already made or have some free time please make some of them and send them to me. Make sure they are labeled however as to what they are.

so what type of units are you going to put in?
what units do mean? Its visio so everything can just be re-sized, and the final is going to not have units cause it simply shows the positioning and color and circut ect of the light. So I guess it would be english units cuase I'm in the US like you, but I'm not going to be labeling it or anything like that.
oh, sorry, i meant units as in equipment. lights and such, not measurement.
ah ok ... well I'll take any of them. I currantly have a few shapes for a general and specific S4's, a bunch of parcans, a bunch for fresnels, and 1 or 2 follow spots. There is also a bunch that my school doesn't own so I don't really know anything about them. There are currantly 44 in total but I would like to get as many as possible. There seem to be also a few things that seem to be other equipment used for hooking up lights, but I've never seen or heard of them. A few of the shapes like the general S4 and par and fres I designed in exel and put them in that way. Does that answer your question?
yea, thanks.
so i was looking around on and found this little page of downloads of various companies fixtures made in autoCAD thought you might like it.
go to the website, go to downloads, then fixture diagrams or whatever its called...

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