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    There is always a hot debate over which software we should use for lighting (drafting or visualisation) so this webinar by LD Tim Routledge should be of interest.

    Why Draw Everything Twice?
    By Tim Routledge | Webinar on December 5th, 2018

    From initial sketch to the delivery of a world tour using one software has to be ultimate workflow. Some people are skeptical on how differing software offers better facets of each stage of the process. Routledge argues when time spent making the software work for you why would you spend hours designing your show twice. Routledge is an award-winning lighting and creative designer creating television lighting designs, music concerts, outdoor events, award shows, and variety shows from Beyonce to ELO and XFactor. Tim is also well known for his design of a number of popular lighting fixtures – the Patt 2013, Pickle Patt, One Patt, and Pixel Patt.
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