For a couple of our plays this year there was a cue for lightning. I just put a bunch of white lights and all the cycs at full onto a fader and just kept pressing the bump button so it would flash.
I was just wondering if anyone knew a better way to create a more realistic looking lightning flash.
If you have a computer board the best is to record a chase with white lights. If you don't, I would use 2 or 3 subs so that its not "all lights on, all lights off, all lights on" but more of an effect of several lighting flashes. Just dial the rate way up and it should work.
Nope not graduated from it, but traveled thru the town often on and off the way to work if it helps. It’s more of a Chicago/Cubs conspiracy if you search Central Coast verses North East cost view points, in general by the way, though all of you speak well of your almoner.

Lots of ways on lightning. Lightinging on stage being also a question of intensity and proximity in us. Far away and in the background being far different than someone center stage being shocked much less it being a general effect.

The Martin and Diversitronics Strobe light fixtures amongst many brands being an option amongst other sources of even photo phlash lamps inside of scoops for a similar effect when not proximity/lamp strike in necessity and general stage intensity already. Far different this strike thus during daytime than on a moonless much less fantacy scene night verses realistic but thru a window. Sort of a waste of rental for a Martin Atomic in flashing thru a window.

At the moment, I’m advising someone off Philips Forum wishing for four to six circuits of strobe effect for her 400 Meter dash lighting for pacing purposes. Voltage drop becoming a really key feature here. Far different in intensity much less fixture needs once control and powering is considered.

If of help, lightning has many ways and materials including yours that will word depending upon the design. Given the lamp wattage and filament type avails itself to a rapid flashing, much less that rate in not being so on average detracted from the effect beyond it being a localized instead of far away complete cyc effect, you found one way of doing so. Lots of ways of doing so but of help, flashing the cyc is one way given a application/design.

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