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Lights available to be donated

Discussion in 'CB Classifieds' started by manuallyfocused, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. manuallyfocused

    manuallyfocused Member

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    Set Designer/TD/Carpenter/Painter/Photographer
    Los Angeles
    The high school where I work is getting rid of some lights, and I was wondering if anyone in the Los Angeles area would be interested in them. They're old, but they definitely still have life in them. We have the following, they would come as is with no safety cables, no color frames, and no c-clamps:

    6 Colortran 15-30 degree zoom ellipsoidals (5 with working 500w lamps and L5-20 plugs, one with no lamp and no plug and a mis-aligned lens)

    4 Altman 360Qs (6x9? not sure) with working 500w lamps and no plugs

    I may have one or two extra lamps for both that would come with them.

    Let me know if you know anyone who might want them, I'd hate to see them get thrown away. Ideally, we'd like to donate to a 501c3 organization and get a donation letter if possible.
  2. Adam Brunetti

    Adam Brunetti Member

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    Rhode Island, USA
    Oh man, if only I was in LA- I'm working on a complete lighting makeover at the high school I work at in Rhode Island.
    If nothing pans out over there, I'm willing to discuss shipping!

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