LightWright 5 approval Code

Hey Folks,

IT upgraded my machine and I want to re-install LW5. I need an approval code but all the links in the software are dead and the website seems to be against anybody every using LW5 again.

I will need to do a budget request for and upgrade and need to use my LW5 before that.

Any help would be appreciated.

It is an institutional license.



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Do you have the license number ?, e-mail John. Not sure he'd sent it (he has no proof it's not an illegal copy), he might tell you to contact the vendor you purchased from.

FWIW I store all my Vectorwork and LW licenses in a Google drive document, might be an idea.


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The vendor you bought it from should have a copy of your transaction. You can also try City Theatrical. They don't want people trying to buy a copy of LW5 new (which they don't sell) so they've taken down most of the information to avoid confusion.

As SteveB suggested, keep a copy of your licenses. Also try to keep receipts for your big purchases like Lightwright or Vectorworks.

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