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I was wondering, I hear people always talk about instruments etc. not being line level, so what things would you want to bring into the board through the
line-in jacks?


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Re: Instruments into Line inputs

Electronic keyboards can run into a mixer's line input, as they are designed to work into a load impedance that is typical of a line input (often 10k Ohms to 50k Ohms). The pickups in guitars, basses, and acoustic instruments are designed to work into a much higher input impedance (often 250k Ohms to 1 Meg Ohms). Running such a pickup into a line input will cause the pickup's output level and frequency response to be greatly compromised. Similarly, when using a direct box (DI) with such pickups, one should use an active DI such as the Radial Pro48, as active DIs have a much higher input impedance than passive DIs.


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CD players, Tape Decks (if they still make those), etc...

Although you can run most keyboards into the line in, most people still use a DI. It is a little "safer", meaning that there is less of a chance of getting bad sound.


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Another reason to run keyboards (and computers, too!) through DI boxes is that it isolates and balances the signal for long cable runs. This helps to reduce the noise which can be coupled into the line between the console and the source.

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