Line Level


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1. Line level is a term used to denote the strength of an audio signal used to transmit analog sound information between audio components such as CD, DVD and mixing consoles. Line level normally is introduced to the sound space via either 6.5 mm or 1/8 inch (mini stereo) jacks or RCA jacks.

2. A glass vial containing liquid and an air bubble, used to determine if a string is perpendicular to plumb.
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I usually just try to edit the typos and grammar in these articles; for most articles I lack the expertise to do much else.


Throw stones (ha!) at the non-metric units if you want, but the exact conversion is: ¼-inch = 6.35 mm.

Or, is “6.5 mm“ a commonly used (and commonly understood) term? (If so, perhaps “also known as 6.5 mm” may be the preferred text.)

And, in any case, is “1/4-inch” jack so universally understood and unambiguous that conversion to other units is meaningless?

In the event, someone else may need to add to the changes I made.


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