Lion King: Mufasa's Ghost


Hello all!

We are doing a production of Lion King: The Musical! The one technical aspect we are struggling with is how to capture Mufasa's Ghost when Rafiki tells Simba "He Lives in You". As of now, I am trying to edit footage of our Mufasa reciting the lines in Adobe After Effects to give it the ambient feeling offered in the movie.
The scene I am describing is this:
What have others done in the past? Or are there any suggestions?


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I would consider making a "heliodisplay" type of device. Check out this blog where someone built their own.


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Or the classic Pepper's ghost...
Sheet of acrylic and a projector.

I always figured a wall of dry ice / cold smoke would be relatively easy to do and then project something onto (I keep meaning to try it with some lasers).

Has anyone done this successfully?

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