Lobster scope


I just wanted to show off the shabby lobsterscope I made for my schools production of "My Favorite Year"
First year working in lights and it was kind of a last minute thing


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Fascinating and good work. Probably much like what was done origionally for the concept. Hope it all worked to design for you and as fun. I remember one I had a friend make for my years and years ago in going about it in a different direction. We had some form of burnt out cheap (from the 90's) rotating changing gobo projector. Was doing the linenbacher (sp) projector for the same show so we had available the large 8" lenses. He made a similar projector out of the parts that not just lobsterscoped but kind of swirled internally in image kind of reversing itself within the beam. Don't remember the details as about 20 years ago but was a form of rippling and swirling projected on the ceiling for the "Shadowy Waters." Play with a large beam spread lens in front of what you have and perhaps see what you get. Could be fun.

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