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Upgrading our church sanctuary and looking for some basic lighting. Problem is its coming from the ceiling and will need about a 50' throw. Its an old church with 40' ceilings (going to mount the lights in the attic to make them accessible) and big stain glass windows down both sides. I've been looking at two fixtures on opposite ends... ADJ PARZ100 WW and Alteman PHX2 elipsoidal. Stagelighting.com suggested an Elekralite Paint Can which seems to be double the wattage of the ADJ but lower foot candles at 50' .

Generally we're just making sure that people show up ok on video but twice a year our childrens program puts on a small production so I'm drawn to the zoom on both of those fixtures that would possibly allow for more control. I want to stick with LED for power reasons. I have about $6K to work with but only about 4-6' of hanging space. What do you recommend?


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At that distance, I think you need ellipsoidals, otherwise the coverage area for each unit will be too large, which reduces the brightness. Ellipsoidals won't have spill like PARS, so the light will be more controlled. Lack of spill is always good, especially when using video screens. We have roughly the same distances in or church, and use 20 degree lenses. One thing I'd look at is whether zoom lenses noticeably lose output. Shutters, gobos and irises can always reduce the coverage an ellipsoidal, if needed. Get on-site demos before buying anything.


There's 120v there already, I need to run a DMX cable up there. We're right around the corner from Tait Towers, and Clair Brothers but I don't have any connections there.

I was also looking at a Blizzard Oberon 200w zooming profile spot. I guess I should have titled this thread "long throw LED" fixture instead. Any opinions on the Blizzard? I probably don't need all the extras of the Alteman fixture and the price is about half.


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Sadly 4wall doesn't seems to care anything in the blizzard line, and its not so much a favor as it is a "we want to spend money with you but want to make sure its the right product"


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