Looking for a place to buy ETC

Depends on where you are. Most theatrical contractor can get you anything you want, but some get better prices then others. Why do you specificly want sensor?
Your best bet would be to go with a semi-local ETC dealer from the dealer list, the one in your area who you can get the best prices from. Good luck on the new gear.
I have a dealer here in Seattle that I always try to maintain a good relationship with but there is a dealer in Oregon who sometimes beats their price. You are probably going to have to pay shipping from ETC to your theater on a purchase like this, so the location of the dealer isn't particularly important.

First check with local Dealers. HEY "SOUNDLIGHT", "Raabid" is also in NC, so tell him where to shop in your part of the country.

Secondly, try some of the larger national and regional dealers. They may be able to give you a lot better deal. Try the ETC dealer page above and give our forum sponsor a try as well. I doesn't hurt to ask. You never know what you'll find.

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