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That’s a head scratcher. You could maybe make the half snapclamp work and attach a different half burger but I would ask them if that would work.

However the clamp you link would work exactly.


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I’d probably fabricate something out of a couple U bolts and some plate steel. Wouldn’t be a quick install but it would get the job done.
Task: Attach 2"O.D. aluminum round pipe to a 2" O.D. Square pipe, at 90 degrees.
I have seen :https://www.thelightsource.com/products/swivel-mega-coupler-to-2-square-coupler-236
But I recall using something similar to a rotolock that could do either (round or square) to either... anyone know of a name or product?
Ronald, My first question has to do with the OD of the pipe. Is it truly 2" or 1.9". Pipe nomenclature is like wood, a 2 x 4 is not 2". 2" pipe has an OD of 2.375" while 1-1/2 pipe (the standard for a batten is 1.9" OD. While truss is made from tube and 2" tube is 2" OD. We have clamps for both sizes of pipe, which can be mated to our 2" Square Half Coupler. Feel free to call me at the office and I can talk you thru getting what you need.
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