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Been a while since I've posted here.

Well, the DJ side of my business has taken off ALOT. And as more customers are gained, I would like to start expanding my inventory. My partner takes care of the music. (Currently he's buying edited versions of songs so we can do school dances) And right now we have a greater demand for lights, so that's where I come in. I don't want to spend much more than 300 for this. And the latest customer has asked for "crazy lights"

A quick look on musicians fiend found this: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/American-DJ-Quick-Scan-System?sku=805030

Anyone have experience with them? Looking at the specs I'm afraid they may not be bright enough, since they only have the 150w lamp.

I'd like some movers, but I don't know. Any suggestions are welcome.
um.... if you are wanting to spend 300 bux on "something" looks like an option... if you dont mind have any real control....
All it's gotta do is look good. I don't even feel like controlling anything anyway, for this application anyway.
150W is fine to a DJ light, its not too bright where it blinds the people shinning on.
I would go look at them first before you buy them, because they could be built very cheap, and knowing american DJ.....
I would suggest that package if you are looking to get a cheap, yet nice looking package to expand your current lighting system, the american dj system works. Since these do have one DMX channel they are linkable, and i would assume have a built in sound active program that usually looks nice.

I can tell you as a dealer of AMDJ that is a great price for the system.

As for there reliabilty i wouldnt worry too much. AMDJ has improved their customer service and quality control. The only problem i can for see going wrong with the unit in the first year is a few bulbs.
First, I wouldn't consider Musician's Friend the best source for lighting. Contact Bill at ESC (he posts here on occasion), or Pro-Mix in Mt. Prospect, IL, or Mitch at Centerstage. All three of those places sell a lot of stuff to djs.

Second, I didn't go to the link, but the first type of light I would buy is a centerpiece. It's noted for a barrel shaped mirror, which will get beams all over the place. Martin makes a couple of them, such as the old Acrobat.

Third, instead of buying, is it worthwhile to rent until you are sure the need is there?
I'd buy a variety, so all of the lights aren't putting out the same pattern.

American DJ stuff works surprisingly well, I know alot of DJ's who use it night after night with no problems, and a theater that I worked in once had a few AMDJ lights for effects for a musical. They performed well.

AMDJ reccomendations:
(amazing power and beam count - I've seen one of these used and it's awesome!)
(like SIX rolling mirrors in one)
(mushroom head effect that is far better than others b/c of the patterned beams, basically a "vertigo" unit on steroids)
(2 scanners instead of four so you can buy more of a variety of lights)
(highly reccomended if you don't have a moonflower yet)
(double moonflower with rolling barrels, huge beam count, get this or #1539 for scanner-style effects)

Here's some of my other reccomendations:

The one flaw that some people find with Eliminator gear is that it uses two bulbs that alternate to create the effects instead of a motor or moving mirror.

From the DJ's that I've talked to that do heavy lighting, I've figured out that it's really good to have a scanner or two, a mushroom head, some moonflowers, and a big centerpiece (like my first AMDJ reccomendation).
I agree with the most recent posts about purchasing a centerpeice effect to improve your light show. However for an effect that is going to be controllable you are looking at a higher price. For any fixture you purchase i would suggest getting one with DMX for future expansion.

As for getting great deals i would have to agree that musicians friend isnt neccessarly the best in all situtations, but like i have said, on that piticular system its a great buy. Otherwise if you are looking for a great prices i would try calling The DJ Shop, Inc. they sell a considerable amount to DJs and clubs and will be able to help you in purchasing products. www.thedjshop.com

Bottom line, get what you think looks good with what you have.
The price listed at Musicians Friend is the MAP price as set by ADJ. Any authorized dealer can not publically list a sale price under MAP.

There are better deals to be had.

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