Looking for ''Forni'' Curtain clamps ? Or Alternative

Audree Juteau

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Nov 3, 2017
Montreal, Canada
Hi, I'm actively looking for this type of clip/clamp.
An European travelling company brought those in to set their curtains straight, and I'd like to buy some for our theater.
I can't find anything from the manufacturer's name (Forni) which seems Italian.
Anyone has seen these or can suggest an equivalent product?

Thanks a bunch



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Aug 21, 2007
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Search google for "tent clamp", "tent clip", or "tarp clip". Not that exact clamp, but many similar.

The cam-design of your Forni reminds me a little of something I've seen on boats, so perhaps something from the marine world.

I think I like this one for the application.


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