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William Marion

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Title says most of it. I need opinions and ideas for an upcoming show I am doing. The name of the show is Shamrock Showcase. Basically the idea of the show is a bunch of Frats and Sororities on my campus are coming together to have a large dance show.

Here is a preview of my idea so far

A little about what I have done so far, on top of the truss sticks are 4x standard sharpys, the fixtures in the air are Sharpy wash 330s, the square fixtures are ETC Vivid R11s that I am going to use as mock strobes. Finally, the angled bars are just 1k par cans that I am going to use as a blinder. I will also be hazing the arena and washing the stage with ~40 par cans in banks of 12
I need ideas on what to add to the stage, it just seems a little bare to me.
Rules: My boss does not want any fixtures on the stage itself, they are afraid that someone is going to kick one over. Please try to stay within practical labor expectations. I have a team of about 6 and we will have 6-8 hours to rig all the lighting. In terms of rigging, we can do almost anything. We have a full batten system here capable of holding 5000 lbs / piece. We also have 4 motors available. I would like to not use them because its a pain compared to battens but I can if warranted.
Off the top of my head, Equipment that I have left:
4x GLP x4
4X Mac 2k Profiles
8X Vivid R11 bricks
4x Mac 250
~10 1k Par cans
~15 Source4 750w 19deg - 50deg
~200' truss 10 / 5 ft increments, 4 truss bases, 10 truss cubes
4 Motors
62" Mirror ball and rotator

Fountain Of Euph

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Lay some truss across the front of the stage. Get some of your movers and the vivids on it. You can use the movers as crowd lights. Face the vivds onto the stage for a low wash or as foot lights. You could also use them inside your truss towers to color them.

Maybe use the S4s as dance booms.

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