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David Lam

I am in the market for some static LED wash lights for our theater. My grid is at 13'8" and looking to cover an area approx. 30' wide with 5 fixtures. I think I need something between 20-30 degrees. I am hoping you all might have some thoughts on what will provide the brightest most vivid colors, and mixing capabilities. I have a decent budget, $500-1k each but want to get the best bang for the buck. Any input is appreciated. The market is so wide and it is tough to shop for specific needs over so many manufacturers I hoped CB community might be able to help.



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Is this down light or front light? If it's front light how far will the lights be throwing? If it's down light then your current plan won't work very well. With a 30* beam you'll end up with about a 7' circle assuming the the front of the light is at grid height. Which may or may not even be possible. Lined up edge to edge those will just make it across the stage but will leave a lot of dark spots in between them and that's on the floor. At 6' off the ground that becomes a 4' circle, leaving a lot of area that won't have any coverage at all. 50* gets you back into the edges just touching at 6' off the ground. Some stuff will zoom out to at least 60*, but even that will leave some dark spots. Any way you look at it trying to get even coverage for that wide of an area with that few fixtures is going to suck. With such a short trim height my best advice would be to buy higher quantities of a cheaper fixture.


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I just bought a couple of ADJ (yes, I know) COB Cannon Wash DW fixtures for a client that needed to replace a couple of ancient 1000w scoops. Actually I was pretty impressed with the fixture for what it cost. 150 watt COB LED, 80 degree beam spread with lenses for 40 or 50 spread. Pretty smooth field and decent dimming with choice of several curves.
They make a RGBA version as well. About $450 list.
If you can find other fixtures with a fairly wide spread, like 50 degrees, you could use Rosco's Opti-Sculpt plastic lens material to give a wider beam. 50 degrees with 60/40 Opti-Sculpt would give you almost an 80x65 beam.


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Putting aside the question of beam spread for a moment ( +1 for techiman33 comment). I would begin my search with the ETC colorsource Par. It’s bright. Good colors ( especially if you get the deep blue option) , beautiful dimming curve, and has a wide range of lenses you can add to get to your needed beam spread.

If it were me, in your price range, I would only consider a fixture that includes lime green in its output.
Another vote for the Colorsource PAR. I've demoed a bunch of LED PARs next to each other, and the CS Par is one of the brightest, best color, and smoothest dimming in the field. For $600-700, its a steal.

Edit: not to mention made in the USA, ETC 24/7 tech support... blah blah blah


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Love the Colorsource PARs the deep blue version is great for stronger saturated colors or go with the original version if you are looking for mostly softer pastel colors (R02, R33, R60, et...)

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