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looking for round wire shoes

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by ship, Dec 16, 2008.

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    Ever see something like this before? Can't figure out who makes/supplies such a thing.

    Used to be on old school E-26 and P-28s lamp bases in the early 70’s when they started making sockets that had removable screws. Also used at times I think on stage pin terminal screws up until the late 80’s for a different brand than Bates or Union.

    #8 stud center and 14-16ga. Works like a ferrule, but the wire twists around the screw & is encased in the cup. Mostly used on older high wattage lamp sockets. Looks like mine is tinned copper or brass, normally I just see them without the tinning. OD is just under 7/16”

    Did a bit of searching in the past, best I can come up with is a McMaster 93720a015 brass cup washer used in combination with a brass washer. Little more heavy duty than I like in not really conforming like a ferrule around the wire. Plus a bit bigger than useful.

    Anyone know of a source for them? Got some 2K scoops that need a closer tolerance than a ht. ring terminal will allow for and need these. thanks.

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