Lost control of controller


It was the last couple o' songs of a band and I suddenly realized that things weren't right. Some lights were staying on. Then I noticed that my command line was filling up with random keystrokes, 5>3>follow>full>3>profile>2>next>group>3>2>5>wait

After a bit of freaking out I managed to end the show using the grand master. I rebooted and got the same thing. I pressed the [last] key and it kept repeating on the command line over and over. I shut it down and went home. The next morning everything was normal. I'm sure I figured out the problem.

Just before that song I had taken a quick sip of water and I must have dribbled a drop or two into the lower portion of the keyboard without knowing it. Once it dried up it was fine.
Note to self: If you sip n' drip and you can blow da show.
Ha ha, thats hilarious!

"If you sip n' drip your can blow da show"

We could make a sign for the wall in our booth to remind people...
a suggestion

if you sip and drip, you board might flip
Nice! Good saying. I never drink over the board, I always drink on the table near it, where the drink can't get to the board at all if it's spilled. Same thing with food. It always stays on a seperate table/ledge/shelf where it can't spill on to the console or the rack...I wouldn't want to go through that!

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