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I have posted 2 documents in the resources section.

1. Picomm document. Has instructions and link to download a pre configured
raspberry pi image to act as a full duplex communications backbone, via wifi or ethernet
stations/ clients can be cell phones running app, additional raspberry pi's pc's macs
thin clients etc, used with your choice of earbud or headset.

2. Instructions for mumble client. Instructions and link to download pre configured image
to use a raspberry pi zero or pi3 as a comm station linked to the picomm base.

Uses mumble software (free) This project is not meant to supplant or replace "real" comm but instead to provide a very inexpensive alternative for schools or community theaters that currently have no comm, not enough comm, and no budget for a multi thousand dollar outlay.

I hope the moderators will let this stand as it's own thread, because the previous thread has a lot of discussion of the experimentation/development/testing, and I now consider the project much more stable and mature. Maybe eventually it could be a "sticky" if enough folks have a positive experience with it.

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