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I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of mic or if it was custom made that was used on the hillary duff music video its a see through mic it looks really cool


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Prob a costom job... and what where you doing watching a hillary duff video?...
Just like barbara streisand's white mic and all the performers that like the gold mic's... if you have the money you can get just about anything you want


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For a music video, I'm sure the mic wasn't functional. It's easy enough to turn something that looks like a mic out of lucite bar.


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Many production companies buy non-functioning vintage mics for music videos or create crazy things out of spare parts.


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Two of my favorite "oops" moments in movies/videos are the Sting video for "Desert Rose", where Sting sings into the wrong side of an AKG C-414 (hey, the gold side looks better on video, and he's lip-synching to the track, so why not?), and one of the ball scenes in What a Girl Wants, where the guy (can't remember his name, LOL) is singing into a "wireless" mic. Seems that they originally had a wired mic, but that didn't work for the look they wanted, so in an attempt to make it look like an antenna, they cut the cable about an inch past the XLR body coming out of the mic.

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