LX Op. / Automated Technician Available for Work


Hello, My name is Jonathan Rainsforth, I live in the North East of England, i am a LX Op. and an Automated Lighting Technician currently looking for work in the Newcastle Area or near, I have experience using Scrollers, Mac Movers, Strand 500series control desks and Frog Range, a full CV is available on request, please PM me or email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

Many Thanks
Jonathan Rainsforth


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Just so you are aware, CB is not a place to post jobs or to seek jobs. There are great sites for that already, namely Backstage Jobs and ArtSearch.

You are more than welcome to tell us all about yourself in the new member forum, as it looks like you never did that.


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UKSLC.org just got a job board up and running.

Roadie.net has a jobs section also.

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