Lycian Zot 1200 or Canto 1200

Would you buy a canto 1200 or a lycian zot 1200 for your space

  • Canto 1200

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Lycian Zot 1200

    Votes: 2 66.7%

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I have read a few posts about followspots. Many of them are older. I am looking for a good followspot that will cut through at 100-125'. As most are probably familiar with, budget is making the decision extremely hard.
Researching the ZOT line has been difficult. It means, no news is good news and they are good, no complaints. Or no one is using them, hence no report. Not sure. Any insight on which one would you buy would be appreciated. Heck if you have a similar/better option, I will listen, but no, I can't afford the Lycian Superstar 1.2.
Thank you.
I'm a huge fan of the Robert Juliat line, but they are the highest price point out of all of those.

I'm not a fan of the Canto 1200, ive had to setup a few on installs and i've always found them to feel flimsy and weak, while the dimmer isnt great. I've never used it during a show though.


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We have 2 ZOT 1200's in house. They do the job. I don't care for the stand but with a little "honing" it can be smooth. Other than that, no complaints from LD's coming through the venue.


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RJ are also my favorites, but they do also tend to be the most expensive. I'm not up to date on the exchange rate.

I've never actually dealt with the Canto, but nobody that I have talked to has ever had anything good to say about them.

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