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ran into a coo little problem at work; lamp doesn't strike so i put in a new one. go to reset the lamp hour counter. well, the current count was like, 2,679 hours. wow. apparently i'm not the only who couldn't reset the thing. in the manual it says hold down "/\" for 5 sec, but it doesn't werk. ideas?

it's a Mac2000 Profile (1) with magnetic ballast set to 208v if it helps
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Well, if all else fails you can always just put a piece of gaff on that says: New Lamp @ 2679 hours. You also need to make sure that you are in the counter that is labeled as RSET as opposed to TOTL.


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My girlfriend says "I don't remember it's been three years...." :) I egg her on on the importance of resetting the lamp counter in that she knows that I'm the one that computer tracks each lamp. Any returned lamp that says 2,679 hours and often "bad" or "brown" (dpesn't strike) yet by way of looking at the electrode and it seemingly a wee bit less (normally like 170 to 300hrs) instantly becomes a lamp that can no longer be returned if tried in a second fixture and confirmed to be bad before it's time. No reset of the lamp counter in having accurate hours in the lamps history, the equivolent of someone's day rate in pay down the hole. Simple as that if attempting to send it back to the manufacturer.

She did have a interesting comment however of something she remembers however in also not seeing it in the manual.

Is your fixture up side down or right side up? If one arrow don't get you where you want to be, go for the other arrow.

On your don't strike lamp, look at it and the electrodes - almost count the silver bubbles about them. Look at the globe to see how cloudy, frosted and or hazy it is. Could be that the lamp if in good shape will work in another fixture. Each fixture has it's own signature of it's ballast dependant upon age and other things. What won't work in one fixture or seems brown without the above details will often work fine in a second fixture or at times even third fixture as long as the lamp looks ok and the age is not too much.

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