Control/Dimming MA Grandma1 advice


Jan 29, 2013
Hi guys , a quick question, I'm running a medium size theatre, 50 dimmer channels and a few dozens dmx fixtures, RGB , moving lights and so on....
As a temporary measure I got a Zero 88 orb xf but I have an opportunity to buy an used Grandma1.
Besides the tons of questions that coul fill a page the important ones are:
How easy would be for some of my untrained colleagues to use it at a supperficial level, so just run it once I've programmed the cues in?
Any idea how many channels can I end up using fader wings?
Also, is there a remote posibility when I need to rig and focus ?
What's your opinion about it, is it worth to buy somesing that good but that old?

Thank you so much to anyone who's ever used it and can give me a clue!



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Oct 19, 2016
Windsor, ON, Canada
While it is a touch out of date by modern console standards, it's not a bad console. The abstraction between conventionals and intelligent fixtures can get a bit infuriating though.

Our lighting instructor managed to teach a hoarde of people who had never touched a lighting console how to use it without too much difficulty.

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