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Mac 550 / Alpha Spot HPE 575

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by lqdsky, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. lqdsky

    lqdsky Member

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    Happy holidays to everyone.

    Sometime in Spring I am going to pick up 2 moving heads. This is for art installations. So what I'm looking for is a 400/575w fixture with an animation wheel and large variety of gobo options.
    I have always used Martin, so I am familiar with the macs.

    I have not used Clay Paky before. The amount of rotating & fixed gobos, animation wheel, Frost & prism has caught my eye on the Alpha 575 hpe and I am really leaning towards Clay Paky.

    For those that have used both, can you share your personal opinion on the fixtures. They both sell used for about the same price. $3000/3300.

    Much Appreciated
  2. Pie4Weebl

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    New York City
    I've used the 550 once and I can say I am a fan of it, it has a lot of stuff preprogrammed on it which makes running it for more rock show applications quicker to program. Some of the darker colors get lost though when competing with a par rig.

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