MAC 550 or MAC 250 video clips/pics


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Um i dont have any pics or videos of them working if thats what you want.
But i do have result pics :)
This used Mac 2k, Mac 550,Mac 250 Entour, Studio Colours
This used 16 Mac 250 Entour's
This had about 40 movers a mix between Mac 550, Mac 250 Entours, Scrollers on par bars, Studio Colours
And here is the video of that shoot.
Hope that helps.

ps. dont know if this will work but worth a try.


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Last time I was on the website, Martin had a little video demo on each product page.


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anyone have any pics or video clips of their MAC 550 or 250? I'd like to see them in action before I rent them for our next show.

If you can get Entour/Krypton/Wash 250s, I'd say they'll be fine compared to the 550. As the newer 250 series is, well, NEWER, the light train is more refined, and the output will be insignificantly less than the 550, which is older, despite the bigger lamp. The only thing you might need that the 250 series lacks is a zoom or animation wheel.

But if it's the older 250 or 250+, then the 550 will be the brighter product.


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i ran into a few good ones on YouTube too... do a quick search for "moving lights" and you'll see what I found.
Yeah - I checked the martin site, but their video clips showed dittly squat. At least of what I'm interested in seeing.

We would be renting 2 - 4 of the 550 or 250 to use in additon to the installed system at the venue. Right now all that there is are par cans and 4 source fours. The MACs would be utilized for some effects, but mostly to spot vingnettes (sp?). We're already using all the source fours and the par cans don't create the sharp spot we're looking for.


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If your trying to save money, go with ther mac 550.

If you are trying to save even more money go with a studio spot.

What is your throw, power resouces, and needs.

Why spend $250 a day when you could spend $150 does that make sense?

I own some 550's and I think they are great light. They are compact and offer a lot of punch for a medium sized fixture. The optics are crisp. The colors are clean and vivid. The animation wheel adds another dimension to your surface. If I was doing a show and I need a light that had somewhat of a wow factor I would go with the 550's. But if your client doesn’t need all of the flash and wont appreciate what the 550's can do then by no means go with the 250's.

Good Luck

What exactly are you interested in seeing in regards to these fixtures? Furthermore, are you talking about the MAC 250, 250+, or 250 Entour?? The MAC 250 Entour is quite a bit different than a straight, old MAC 250 or +. Depending on venue size, and a few other variables, it sounds like the 250 would work for what you are trying to accomplish, the only attribute that you might be missing is an iris/zoom, which would be handy if you are trying to focus tightly on your various vignettes. If you don't need to added gobo animation that the 550 has, the 250 is the way to go. Plus, the 550 is just barely brighter than the 250. Furthermore, a 250 should be far cheaper to rent than 550. Give us more information!!!

Here are some pictures of the 550's doing a little demo as well as some studio colors. Here are some images of the animation effects.





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