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Mac Control Board

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by CBR372, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. CBR372

    CBR372 Active Member

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    Corpus Christi, TX
    Hey I'm looking to see if there are any Mac interface control boards. I have a few offline editors but I want something I can just get a USB-DMX converter and then use my computer.

    Also, free would be nice!!
  2. Footer

    Footer Senior Team Senior Team Premium Member

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    Saratoga Springs, NY
    Search Enntec open DMX and Chamsys
  3. NickJones

    NickJones Active Member

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    Somewhere far far away, Vic, Aus
    Try this one, its free if you don't already own USB-DMX converter you can look at this haven't used one myself. If you speak german you could look at this as I dropped German classes in 9th grade, and can't be bothered to translate the page, you will have to check this one out yourself. Magic Q is the main one, and that is made by Chamsys as Footer mentioned.
    There is a Mac Users Group here, might be worth joining. They don't do anything, but you join them just for the sake of it. Alternatley just run Boot Camp that comes with your Mac (Depending how old) or somthing like VMware or Parralels. All good software. Alternatlye, go out, spend $400 and make your own PC. Or borrow one from your school if you are a student.

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