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Mac600 Replacing Bulb

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by dyarb, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. dyarb

    dyarb Member

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
    Hi this is my first post to the lighting forum. I have a set of Mac600's one of which stopped working a few days ago. I checked the fixture to find the error message: LErr, which I found out was lamp error from my manual. I was slightly confused by the instructions, and I assume that it means the bulb itself is burned out. I saw another solution that I didnt understand. Im going to read through the instructions again, but I thought that if anyone had experienced this error, I might get some help. If it is a bulb then I have a replacement on the way already, and I need some tips on changing the bulb. Any info. would be of great help.
  2. abbyt

    abbyt Member

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    Field Service Engineer
    Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area, United States
    The instructions for changing the lamp can be found in the user's manual. I believe in the most current revision of the manual for a MAC600, the instructions are detailed out on page 5, and instructions for optimizing the lamp can be found on page 17.

    To summarize:
    1) Remove any and all power from the fixture. If it isn't already, wait until the fixture is cooled down. If your lamp hasn't worked, then I imagine you can skip this step :)
    2) Remove the two knobby-looking thumbscrews that protrude from the back of the fixture (opposite the fresnel-lens).
    3) Firmly grasp the round disk (lamp burner assembly) and pull straight out, until the inside tip of the lamp clears the reflector. You're going to have to contend with the lamp-leads on the outside of the fixture...they actually have a little bit of give and should allow you to remove that disk. It's a fine art of pulling firmly, but not too much.
    4) Grasp the porcelain base of the old lamp and firmly pull it out and away from its burner assembly (socket)
    5) Install the new lamp by reversing and repeating the above instructions keeping in mind that you do not want to touch the glass envelope with your fingers, or any other material that could leave residue on the glass. I'd also suggest wiping down the lamp with an alcohol swab...some (most?) lamp manufacturers provide an alcohol wipe with the new lamp
    6) Please use any and all PPE necessary to safely perform this task

    Do you know what kind of ballast you have? (Magnetic or Electronic?)

    I'm curious as to the color of your existing lamp...
    Is it clouded and white? Does it have a dark bubble on the side of it (or multiple bubbles)
    Is it green or silver and perhaps shiny?

    How long have you had the fixture?
    Has it worked as expected before the failure?
    Was the failure immediate, or did it get worse with time?
    Is the failure intermittent, or can you reproduce it 100% of the time
    Have you tried to power the fixture on and off in between attempts to strike the lamp?
    Have you tried to strike the lamp at the fixture itself (as opposed to from your control console)? (In MAN mode I think is the easiest way to do this)

    When you're having a lamp issue like this and the PCB thinks the lamp is not struck, it needs to see a lamp off command before you can try another lamp on command.

    Now...on to the actual error...
    Lamp Errors across the Martin fixture line can occur for several reasons...but, if memory serves with the 600 line, you likely have one of four problems:
    1) bad lamp
    2) insufficient mains power to the lamp
    This could be due to a bad transformer/power supply tap, or a circuit problem somewhere other than the fixture itself.
    3) a bad ballast (either magnetic or electronic)
    4) a bad lamp ignitor

    5) could also be a bad lamp strike relay on the PCB, but I don't think you get the lamp error with this one...

    Good luck! Let us know how things progress, so the next unlucky soul who has this problem can find his answers on this thread...

    Fixer of Martin stuff, among many other hats...
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  3. dyarb

    dyarb Member

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
    That was awesome info. I will get back to you shortly on those questions!
  4. JD

    JD Well-Known Member

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    North Wales PA
    The error occurs if the lamp does not start conducting current within a certain time period after ballast power comes on. As said above, bad lamp, bad ballast, and bad igniter are some of the causes.

    One other thing that can cause it is if the lamp drops out due to a voltage glitch. Hot re-strikes are tricky, and if they time out you can end up locked out even though every part of the system is in working condition.

    As said above, you want to make sure the fixture is reset and the error is cleared before assuming any service is needed.

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